Create Svg wave object with Getwaves site – 2022

In this article, I will be introducing getwaves, a site where you can easily create the waves object you want to use in your software or design projects.

If you are a designer, you had to know how to do more or less vector work to create a wave object. If you are a software developer and you don’t have a design, you had to visit a lot of sites for such a wave object. Now it is no longer necessary. With the site I will introduce to you today, you will be able to easily create your own wave objects with one click.

What is the Getwaves site?

Getwaves is a simple wave object creation site made by zcreativelabs. On the Producthunt site, it is a product that won first place on August 16, 2019.

How to use the Getwaves site?

Get waves site is actually very easy to use as I said at the beginning. In the picture below, I will be explaining one by one what the numbered fields do.

Create Svg wave object with Getwaves site
  1. It is the area where you determine the shape of the wave to be created. There are 3 different options.
  2. It is a field where you can determine the direction of the wave. Upward or downward?
  3. It is the area where you can adjust the color of the wave. You cannot select two colors and create gradients color.
  4. It is a button where you can get the encoding of the wave as svg or download it as svg.
  5. It is a setting where you can adjust the visibility (opacity) value of the wave.
  6. It is a setting where you can adjust the number of curves in the wave.
  7. It is a button to generate random waves.
  8. The resulting wave.


Let’s do one example right away.

Create Svg wave object with Getwaves site

Let’s look at the output of this example as svg.

<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 1440 320">
  <path fill="#5000ca" fill-opacity="0.9" d="M0,160L75.8,96L151.6,128L227.4,288L303.2,64L378.9,160L454.7,32L530.5,288L606.3,128L682.1,0L757.9,160L833.7,128L909.5,96L985.3,192L1061.1,224L1136.8,192L1212.6,192L1288.4,224L1364.2,0L1440,288L1440,320L1364.2,320L1288.4,320L1212.6,320L1136.8,320L1061.1,320L985.3,320L909.5,320L833.7,320L757.9,320L682.1,320L606.3,320L530.5,320L454.7,320L378.9,320L303.2,320L227.4,320L151.6,320L75.8,320L0,320Z"></path>

Yes, in this blog post, we took a look at getwaves, a site where you can create the wave object you want to use in your design or software projects. If you like the content, don’t forget to share or comment. If I have a mistake, do not hesitate to inform me by writing a comment. Anyway, see you in my next blog post… ?

You can click the button below to go to the site.

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