I know and can effectively use many html tags, including new tags coming with html 5. At the same time, I make coding in accordance with search engine optimization.


I can use many features in css effectively. In general, I do css coding with Scss, which is a dynamic format template instead of pure css. I can use many css libraries such as Bootstrap 4-5, Tailwind 3, Bulma effectively in projects and I can make customization.


I use a lot of javascript methods in my projects, especially array methods. But I’m still actively developing myself in Javascript. I’m currently developing projects with React.js Library. I can perform CRUD operations using constructs like Fetch or Axios. I can also perform these CRUD operations with the Rest Api module structure. Finally, I continue to improve myself on Next.js and Node.js runtime environment, which is a React framework.


Although I don’t do many projects, I can basically say that I know the coding structure of PHP programming language with a few projects. In addition, I can say that I learned the MVC structure by doing a few projects using the Laravel Framework.


In my 8 months of work life, I learned the basic structure of Python programming language and Django, a framework of Python.



I am interested in web design as well as web software. After designing my projects on figma, I do the coding. Currently, I continue to develop myself in the field of Web design by making designs on figma.