What’s new with Bootstrap Icons v1.10.0

Bootstrap Icons library continues on its way with the v1.10.0 version with the addition of approximately 150 icons. This version includes the addition of new similar icons such as person, building and database icons, as well as new brands, rockets, road signs, spheres and much more. Let’s see exactly what kind of icons have come to the bootstrap Icons library, which currently has over 1,900 icons, with the v1.10.0 version.

150 icons were added to the Bootstrap Icons library.

With the Bootstrap Icons library v1.10.0 version, 150 new icons were added to the library. You can take a look at the added icons below.

Here are some features for the newly added icons;

  • 22 new person (persol) icons have been added.
  • 26 new house icons have been added.
  • 24 new building icons have been added.
  • 22 new database icons have been added.
  • 24 new street sign icons have been added.
  • New globe icons have been added.
  • New electric vehicle, taxi, bus and scooter transport icons have been added.
  • New rocket icons have been added.
  • And many more icons were added. ?

Minor adjustments were made to the documentation.

  • Brand and Brands category names have been changed to Brand only.
  • The labels on the various icon pages for additional aliases have been updated again.

Bootstrap Icons Project Setup

Installation with npm package manager;

npm i bootstrap-icons

Installation with Composer;

composer require twbs/bootstrap-icons

You can download version files from GitHub, or you can download only SVGs and fonts (without the rest of the repository files).

Bootstrap Icons Included in Figma Community.

The Bootstrap Icons library is now live in the Figma Community. Now you designers will be able to include Bootstrap icons in your projects through the Community and use them easily.

In this article, I have given you information about the innovations that came with Bootstrap Icons v1.10.0. See you in my next blog post…

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