Sites Most Used By Software Developers 2022

Hello everyone. In this article, I will be sharing with you the sites that I visit every day and that I think every software developer should definitely visit on a daily basis.


Dev. to we can define it as a place where software developers share blog posts, stay up-to-date and develop their careers. That’s what it says on its site. ? It is a site that I definitely enter 1 time every week and look at the weekly list of popular content.

If there is a programmer who does not know this site, I can say that he has not been a programmer yet. ? I can encounter a lot of errors while coding. As a result of researching the error that every software developer has encountered on Google, they have definitely fallen on their way to this site. This site can say that it is a helpful site for finding solutions to errors that programmers receive. The questions you ask can be seen and answered by expert software developers. So if you can’t find the answer to the question we’re going to ask on Google, I’m sure you can definitely find a solution on this site.

“How to start writing?” I want to answer your question. By opening a Github account. Yes, one of the sites that every software developer uses on a daily basis is Github. In general, projects are used for storage purposes. But I follow the repos that some software developers open to share their information in general understanding. I also recommend that you follow these repos. I will also share a blog post about him soon.

On this site, free software trainings are provided. However, as the name of the site indicates, the language of the site is English. But the trainings are explained by expert programmers in plain understandable English. If you are just starting the software and you have enough English to understand the conversations, I suggest that you look at the training videos from this site before Udemy.

In this article, I told you about the sites that software developers use the most. I think that you will definitely use these sites actively every day in your software life. Anyway, see you in my next blog post. Stay tuned.

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