Top 5 Freelance Websites Of 2021

In this article, I told you about the 5 most popular freelance sites in the world.

Covid-19 affected the whole world since 2020 and many people either started working from home or at least went hybrid working style. Sadly some people also got laid off because of the economic crisis brought by the infection. In this article, I wanted to address all of these groups to either make some extra money or live fully on freelance revenue. Here are the 5 different freelance websites you can sign up and bid to projects to get clients and make money from your home.


popular 5 freelance websites musayazlik freelancer

Freelancer.com is one of the oldest job marketplace for freelancers, founded in 2009 and their headquarter is in Australia. They are a public company with 470 employees and more than 50.000.000 users (based on a Feb. 2021 data). So you can easily trust this website. However due to the dramatic increase in the available workforce, it is hard to get going, so for the beginning, don’t expect to make money. Just place bids to get the job and collect reviews, so you can charge better for the future jobs.


popular 5 freelance websites musayazlik upwork
Freelance Upwork

Upwork is another very old and trustworthy website. Their roots go back to 1999 as Elance, they rebranded as Upwork in 2015. They are a US based public company with 2019 revenue of $301.000.000. Upwork is better compared to Freelancer.com in more technical jobs and longer term jobs. Freelancer is better for quick and non-technical jobs.


popular 5 freelance websites musayazlik fiverr

Fiverr is the cheapest option and the easiest one to get going. They are also a US based, public company. The idea behind this freelance marketplace is that you create a job which you can charge $5 for. The freelancer gets $4 from each sale. You can provide higher quality or more complex versions of your end product/service for higher amounts and if you sell and get 5 star reviews constantly, you can get into Fiverr Pro which you can charge your clients even more.


popular 5 freelance websites musayazlik toptal

Toptal is a highly skilled freelance marketplace. This is one of the hardest ones to get into. Their claim is that they offer the %3 of the whole workforce to provide top notch service to companies and employers. Their pay rates are good and if you get accepted into the platform, it is easy to get going and you don’t need to slash your margins to compete with people from underdeveloped or developing countries.


popular 5 freelance websites musayazlik 99designs

99Designs is a marketplace just for designers and their style of payment is very different compared to others. Employers start competitions on the platform and you submit your designs based on their brief. Employers select the winning design and buy the design, while the designer gets rewarded. So if you trust your graphic design skills and think you can win the competitions in which tens of designers also submit their work, 99Designs is a great designer marketplace option for you.

There are many more freelancer websites but I did my best to review the top 5 of them. If you have any questions about these marketplaces, please don’t hesitate to ask them from the comment section.

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