Who is Musa Yazlık?

Who am I? First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Musa Yazlık. I’m 24 years old. I am an associate degree computer programming graduate from Erciyes University. Currently, I continue my education life by studying Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics-Computer Sciences and Anadolu University Open Education Faculty Management Information Systems. Now let me explain why I turned to web software. 😁

My interest in software started when I was studying computer programming. I wanted to deal more with hardware, but for some reason the software field came easier for me. Maybe I chose it because the financial costs of the software area are almost nonexistent compared to the hardware. Anyway, I was interested in wordpress site construction in the first year of my two-year education life. Because my goal was to make money through adsense by sharing blog posts after making a website. Of course, the end was disappointing. Because I have never invested.

I found the domain free, hosting free and even the theme free.😂 In this year, I have installed 4-5 or even more sites. The life of the sites I set up lasted for a maximum of 3 months. No matter how hard I tried, the sites I built could not stand. I’ve had a lot of problems in this one year. I got banned from Adsense. It could not handle the visitor load of the sites. Finally, my site was hacked. When my site was hacked, my dreams of making money with the website ended there.

But I learned a lot in this one year. What is the issue seo?, How to make a WordPress site? I learned it. I got some of my content to the top of the most searched word in google. I learned a lot about website setup. Sometimes I even made changes in the coding by entering the files of the themes. This is where my interest in software started. When the themes I used for my sites were free, there were almost no features in them and the quality of the theme was not what you wanted.

By working on themes, my interest in web software started to increase. When my last site was hacked, towards the end of June 2017, I took the first step of learning web software. At that time, Turkish resources in the field of web software did not exist as much as today, or there were, but I may not know. 😅

The first place I looked was youtube. “How do you become a web developer? , Is the web software difficult?, Html trainings, Css trainings, Php trainings,” etc. I did a lot of searches on youtube by typing. I came across such a youtube channel that I can say that my love of learning software increased two cards.

If you write Emrah Yüksel on Youtube, it will appear. He is a nice software trainer. He was explaining the PHP programming language so well that I couldn’t get up from the computer. I was spending 10-12 hours a day learning the php programming language. I seriously didn’t feel tired at all.

It was not difficult for me to learn php originating from the c # training I saw in computer programming. I can say that it took me 1.5-2 months to lay the foundation for PHP. Anyway, when we look at the web software field, it is divided into two parts. It is divided into two as Front-end and Back-end. I learned this 2 months after starting php training. The web software learning scale normally goes as html, css, javascript, mysql and php.

But I started from the end, starting directly with php.😂 Of course, the trainer also mentioned html and css codes, but when I left php and switched to html and css, I said that I didn’t know anything. At that time, I left PHP, that is, left the back-end area and headed to the front-end area because I liked designing that web page more. Oh, I still don’t like playing ball with data either.

From September 2017 to July 2018, I tried to learn html, css and javascript from time to time, but in the 2nd year of computer programming, the courses got heavier. In addition, I was working on transitioning to the computer engineering department with dgs (vertical pass exam). On top of these, there was a computer programming graduation project.

I also prepared a blog script as a graduation project. It was my first real project that I prepared in my software life. But it wasn’t working on the server. 😂 In addition, I struggled a lot to find an internship place for graduation because my field was web software, and there weren’t many companies in Kayseri in this field, although most of them were not recruiting students from two-year departments as interns. With the help of an acquaintance, I did the internship somehow.

As for the exam, I couldn’t even get into Hakkari Çukurova(!) University with the result.😭 I mean, the result was that bad. In short, I was about to graduate. I was presented with two options, either I would go to the military or I would prepare for the exam again. Of course, I chose to prepare for the exam again. But at this preparation stage, I only prepared for the exam. So I completely stopped learning web software.

I prepared for the exam from July 2018 to July 2019. In addition, I applied for the Tyt-Ayt exam in case I could not win with dgs again. But I can’t say that I work very hard for Tyt-Ayt. Anyway, I took the vertical transfer exam again in 2019. This time, they asked how easy the exam was, normally 280 points should be obtained with 30 math nets, but 265 points came. With this score, it was difficult for me to earn Computer Engineering.

I just passed the 180 threshold with Tyt-Ayt. I’ve been looking for alternatives as well. Computer teaching, Mathematics-computer, statistics and computer science, etc. But I still preferred all state university computer engineering depending on the drop in scores.

As a result of the choice, I missed Erzurum Technical University Computer Engineering with 1 point with DGS (either only 1 point or 1 question less wrong or 1 question correct, I would be placed in this department. I missed it with 1 point. Look at fate. But I am happy with the department I won at the moment. More 😄) I moved to Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of Mathematics-Computer, and after evaluating the Tyt-Ayt exam, I moved to Anadolu University Open Education Faculty Management Information Systems Department. Double university will be tough but I thought I could study somehow. Anyway, it was my first time living outside my own city. When I first went to the city, it took me two months to get used to the city. The first month of college was like torture.

You don’t know anyone. You are alone. In addition, the transactions of those who are placed in universities with dgs are carried out 2 or even 3 weeks later than those who are placed with Tyt-Ayt. You start classes 3 weeks late while classes start in departments. Many more troubles that you need to work on the issues in between. There was a much later placement in 2018. Those who settled at that time entered visas without even breathing.

That was the case unfortunately. This is a discrimination by Yök to those who settled in universities with dgs. After getting used to the university environment, I started learning design with web software, which is my goal. But I forgot a lot of things I learned in the last 1.5 years. I can say that I started almost from scratch. But my html and css knowledge is well placed in my head that I have not forgotten them.😂

From here on, I want to tell you about my periods at university, I hope you will not get bored. Most of the students who come to the department are Anatolian high school graduates, so I thought that all of them had good mathematics knowledge in high school. I thought that I would be crushed by everyone, and that I would fail many courses because this department I studied is a department that requires 70% math weight and heavy math. I have zero math. I say zero because I know from writing zero to the question that the teacher asked me for the largest positive integer in the Basic Information Technology Exam. 🤣🤣

No matter how straight I see limit derivative integral as a high school graduate, 2-3 years have passed. It’s normal to have nothing left in my head. If I already had mathematics, I would probably have earned computer engineering as well, which I actually think is due to exam stress rather than not knowing mathematics. The more limited my time, the lower my productivity. Otherwise, the questions in the exam are not questions that I cannot solve. I said my math is zero, but not that much. 😄 Anyway, every class I took during the midterm exams was awful. In the exams I expected the highest 50, there were many waiting 60,70,80 in the class.

When that happened, my psychology dropped to zero. I won’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about quitting the department with that psychology. Anyway, when the visa exams started to be announced, my morale started to come to me. Because the lowest grade I got in the visa was 30. Even if the grade was low, it wasn’t death because of passing 35 courses. The class average was always below my grade. This situation boosted my morale, let me tell you. The department is a difficult part, I know this from classes with a grade point average of 10. 😁 When the semester came to an end, I did not know mathematics and I failed any course. I may not know math, but I think my crisis management is very good.

In the second period, universities switched to distance education due to the pandemic. While I was in the organization, I did not have time to develop myself in the software field. When I switched to distance education, I had plenty of time to spare for myself. I spent about 5 months learning javascript. While I was learning, I took notes and turned those notes into a book.

I did not fail any course in the spring semester of the first year of university. It was easy to give even from a distance. When the exams were in the form of homework, it was much more enjoyable for me. I took 3 courses in summer school. Then I said I’m glad I got it. 😁 Let the reason stay with me.😁

In the fall semester of my second year at the university, I wanted to spend some more time attending live software trainings and live conferences. But the 15 lessons I took with aöf, the family life and the graduation thesis lesson distracted me a bit. However, I attended the laravel training camp of Kodluyoruz. I learned basic Laravel. I had new friends. I did not fail any course in the fall semester of my second year of university. At the same time, I became interested in web design and learned to use figma.

In the spring semester of my second year at the university, I took 15 lessons again. But this time I didn’t take the thesis course. You can’t graduate without giving that course, but even if I took 3 courses in summer school next year for my graduation, I still had 2 courses left. That’s why I left the thesis course to next year.

If I come to the final touches, now I am developing myself to be an expert on the front end of the web software. I am developing myself on Javascript and React.js, a Javascript library. I continue to design on figma as a hobby. I think the about me section was a little long. I hope you read it to the end without getting bored. Because my wrist hurt while I was typing 😂 Anyway, this is me in short. If you need help with web software or design, you can contact me without hesitation on the contact page. I try to help when I can.